International Commercial Arbitration


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Bringing Together the Leading Works in the Field

International Commercial Arbitration (ICMA) is hosted on the Oxford Legal Research Library platform and features some of the leading works in the field and represents an exceptional resource for the arbitration researcher. Underpinned by two key authoritative reference works:

  • Blackaby, Partasides, Redfern, & Hunter: Redfern And Hunter on International Arbitration, Fifth Edition
  • McLachlan, Shore, & Weiniger: International Investment Arbitration

ICMA includes texts that cover the key arbitral bodies and jurisdictions as well as a number of officially recognized and endorsed texts providing coverage of the rules of particular arbitral bodies, including:

  • Weigand: Practitioners Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration, Second edition
  • Moser And Choong: Asia Arbitration Handbook
  • Caron & Caplan: The UNCITRAL Rules: A Commentary, Second edition

Also included are a number of key treatises looking at specific areas of International arbitration practice in more depth with topics ranging from consent and annulment through to the calculation of damages.

An Unparalleled Resource for Practitioners

ICMA supports arbitration practitioners by providing:

  • Integrated access to the leading reference works by specialists in commercial arbitration
  • Full text and advanced searching across all available titles; narrow your results by title, author, or subject area
  • Extensive linking through the Oxford Law Citator to information about cases and other primary materials, including integration with other key services including Investment ClaimsOxford Competition Law, and Oxford Public International Law